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Day 146 of my 365 handstand : The Tumblr life



Found an old picture of myself on my hard-drive and decided to do a little side by side comparison. 
The difference between these two pictures is time and a lifestyle change. Left was 6 years ago, I spent my days sitting on my ass doing nothing but eating my feelings and hating myself. I’m also sucking in my stomach in that picture. Right is today, happier than ever, taking care of my body and mind. I also have much better taste in clothes :) 

yayy :)
And notice people, NOTICE that the first picture was 6 years ago? It’s so easy to get caught up in timelines and all these people with before and afters that happen in 1 or 2 months. Not everyone is that way, and it’s not realistic to think you can change overnight. It’s a lot of trial and error and falling in love with your body as is.

Couldn’t say it better^!

Ummmm can someone say that Taco Tuesdays is in full swing at the Blogilates residence!?? Just made these babies for lunch and my taste buds are dancing!! All you need are lettuce leaves, lean ground turkey, some type of beans (black beans are great, I didn’t have any so I used edamame), corn, avocado, a lime squeeze and salsa!! Sooooo clean and soooooo full of natural flavor! I didn’t even use any oil to sautée the meat. Try it and be amazed! Please show me if you make it ;)
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